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Customers interact with organizations through journeys. Because of this, customer journeys are the primary strategic initiative and the foundation to any CX program. Industry-leading experts in CX and customer journeys brought their expertise together with a goal to better understand organizations’ adoption and approach to journeys

Usermind, the leader in Experience Orchestration (XO), is changing the way enterprises use what they know about customers to actively shape experiences in real-time. With Usermind’s XO Platform, enterprises can monitor customers and orchestrate 1:1 experiences across channels, systems and teams. By putting the power to monitor, activate and optimize experiences in the hands of the business, Usermind enables enterprises to transform how they interact with customers and create customer relationships that are happier, more loyal and more profitable. To learn more, visit usermind.com.

CXPA has evolved from a small, start-up association of 60 members in Boston, Massachusetts in 2011 to a global organization with more than 4,000 members in 70 countries. This pace and level of growth, as one might imagine, requires continuous adjusting to our organizational and service delivery structure to ensure what we do provides members with the experience and value they expect. In 2017, more than 100 CXPA members collaborated with the Board of Directors to explicitly examine, test, and codify the CXPA community core values. These core values were unveiled and shared with the membership in 2018. We will ground our work in our core values to help CXPA stay true to our shared beliefs as our work, organization and profession continues to develop. We will continue to raise the bar, build awareness of the value of CX, and create new and better ways to help one another succeed.

At HoC, we believe that customers are the heartbeat of your business- they are essential to your bottom line. However, driving customer loyalty isn't always easy.

That's where we come in.

Heart of the Customer maps the customer's journey to find unique critical moments of truth and pain points. We use these insights and our expertise to help your business maximize results. HoC Journey Maps™ mine customer behavior and reveal how they feel at every moment of engagement. They are a powerful tool to help you engage the hearts and minds of your customers.

For the past 20 years, Megan Burns has worked with companies to master the art and science of customer experience management. Megan is the architect of the Outside In CX Maturity Model and co-creator of The CX Index methodology, both of which she developed while a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

A trusted advisor to Fortune 500 brands, Megan has launched dozens of customer experience programs in industries like technology, healthcare, telecom, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and travel.

Megan’s research is the foundation of the book Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers At The Center of Your Business. Named a top 25 customer experience influencer, Megan has been quoted in media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CMO.com, B2B Magazine, and Inc

The Customer Journey Maturity Survey 2020

Customer journeys have become a front and center strategic initiative for organizations who want to apply a more customer-centric lens to the way they do business. But every organization is at a different point in their understanding, adoption, and approach to journeys. This survey helps better understand those differences and provide valuable insights for participants and the industry. 

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The purpose of this survey is learn more about organizations' approach to customer journeys.  We love hearing feedback and helping our peers in the experience world grow - no matter what stage of the curve. Please contact us at any time with feedback, questions or ideas! 

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